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Carter County, Kentucky

Frequently Asked Questions

Carter County Courthouse dressed for the holidays.Q: How do I find out if my road is a county road?
 Call the Judge Executive’s office at (606) 474-5022.

Q: Who do I call to report a problem with my road?
 Call your Magistrate or the County Road Department at (606) 474-5022.

Q: When is the next Fiscal Court Meeting?
 All Fiscal Court Meetings are held at 1:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at the Courthouse.

Q: Who do I call to report illegal dumping?
 The Solid Waste Department at (606) 475-3351.

Q: Who do I contact to pick up a stray or starving animal?
 The Animal Control Officer, Sherman Sparks at (606) 474-5477.

Q: Can the Judge Executive perform a marriage?
 Yes.  Contact the Judge Executive’s office at (606) 474-5366 to schedule an appointment.

Q: When is the VA Representative coming to the courthouse?
 The Veteran’s Representative comes to the Courthouse once per month.  Call the Judge Executive Office at (606) 474-5366 for more information.


Last Updated 5/4/2007
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