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Carter County, Kentucky

History in Carter County

Historic Marker in Carter County.Below is a listing of Historical Markers found in Carter County, Kentucky.

Saltpeter Cave
State Marker 209, KY 182
Carter Caves State Park

Civil War Reunion
State Marker 221, US 60
Kentucky Christian College Campus

A Masterful Retreat
State Marker 637, KY 7
6 miles south of Grayson

Home of Governor Fields
State Marker 640, US 60
1 mile east of Olive Hill

A Masterful Retreat
State Marker 642, US 60

Mount Savage Furnace
State Marketer 914
Junction US 60 and KY 1
East of Grayson

Boone Furnace
State Marker 1013
KY 2 at KY 1773

Iron Hill Furnace
State Marker 1014, KY 7
Iron Hill

Hunnewell Furnace
State Marker 1017
US 60 at KY 207

Star Furnace
State Marker 1018, US 60
2 miles west of Boyd County line

Pactolus Furnace
State Marker 1148m KY 1

Beckham County
State Marker 1177, US 60
Olive Hill

Aviation Pioneer
State Marker 1222
US 60 and KY 182

County Named, 1838
State Marker 1247, US 60
Courthouse Lawn


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